Established since 1985, our Nursery is internationally recognised as a centre for excellence.


High House offers a unique blend of educational approaches that enable the child to flourish, develop a love of learning and to ultimately fulfill his or her potential. We believe “learning has endless possibilities” we see children as competent unique individuals, capable of great things. Our learning journey with your child is a partnership, a triangle involving the child, parent and teacher.

As educators, we believe it is imperative our own professional development is nurtured. We strive to learn more, to research and develop the optimum learning environment for the children at High House. Our Director began High House over thirty years ago; her daughter has continued the nursery with as much passion and commitment and drive to provide a truly outstanding nursery. As part of the on-going staff development, we are involved in European Erasmus projects that enable us to visit other nurseries abroad, learn new skills and invite highly skilled teachers from Spain and Germany to the nursery for three months, to learn from us and to teach the children other languages. We are also members of OMEP that recognises the Rights of the Child. We strongly believe children have the right to be heard, to have freedom of choice and to live happy, healthy lives. We do everything in our power to make sure the environment, both physically and emotionally is the very best to nurture the children in our care.

We are a family run company, not a chain, and we run our Nursery accordingly. We recognise each child is unique, each family and each teacher within our team. You will notice, we are not like other nurseries. We are a home from home.


We are now back at Nursery . If you want to call me on 01279 870898 please do so.

We are looking forward to speaking to all our families, both new and existing. Best wishes from Vanessa and the High House Nursery Team.

Read our Returning to Nursery Guidelines here and Covid-19 Risk assessment here.


We are pleased to report that some of our children have returned to Nursery following the relaxation of social distancing measures by Government. We recognise that this is a worrying and confusing time for parents of young children and that some of the information in the media may add to your anxiety.

The Nursery is satisfied, having completed our own comprehensive risk assessment, that it is as safe as possible for our children and our staff to re-open but we are alert to the ongoing risks. We have reached this conclusion after careful examination of the data at a local level, a detailed reopening plan based on advice from Public Health England (PHE) and an evaluation of the risk to our staff, based on their health and household risk factors. The R score being widely reported for the UK, provides comfort that the pandemic is being controlled. However, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with additional information on the more localised picture.