This is the third section of the Day Nursery.

This time is very important in your child’s life. He or she is preparing to enter mainstream school. The right curriculum is essential at this stage. We employ highly qualified staff to ensure an optimum learning environment is created for your child at this stage. We combine the Reggio Emilia approach and Montessori so that children learn independently, through developing their interests and being creative.

Your child will gain enormously from the small groupings and family atmosphere of this section of the Nursery. We aim to keep the intimacy of the earlier environments and combine it with a wider educational, and skills based curriculum. Your child has the opportunity to learn essential basic skills, so that he or she will enter school well equipped to handle the sometimes difficult situations, as they arise. We have had many teachers within local schools tell us that they recognise our children from their confidence and understanding when they enter the school situation.

Each group of children  spend much of their time with their individual teacher, in their ‘home base’ for register and story times, and other rooms for specialised activities.

Each group follows a structured day with library, number, reading  and art sessions each day. Children use their imagination, enjoy dressing up, role play and pretending; all vital ingredients of language development and understanding the rules of social interaction.

We use numbers and measures in our everyday activities including through cookery which is done on a regular basis.