These are just some samples of some of the reviews Parents have made of the Nursery, we have many many more, and remain delighted to receive your views and comments, please keep writing to us. Parents who might be considering sending their children to us, please do ask for personal recommendations, we can always put you in touch with other Parents, with whom, should you wish,  you can discuss and voice any worries or concerns you may have.

  • Dear Vanessa and all of the staff at High House,

    It is the end of an era! Jasmine is going to school. Perhaps like me you are of mixed feelings about this, I know that Jasmine has been at times a challenge and the thought of another Nursery session with her left you pulling at your hair. Believe me I have suffered the same feelings, but I do not think I am ready for her to do the grown up school thing!

    Anyway, I only have praise for High House. We, Jasmine and I, have had a wonderful four years with you and are sorry to be leaving. From day one, Jasmine has been encouraged to be herself. She has been able to express herself throughout the nursery curriculum, and has come home excited about what she has done or learned and is hungry for more. There has not been a day when she has not wanted to go to Nursery!

    All of the staff at each stage of High House have effectively communicated with me about Jasmines achievements and the times when she has not been so good. I have been able to ask that she be controlled with a no-nonsense approach and my requests have been met. This is a fantastic display of understanding from your practitioners, something that is hard to find these days.

    I have been particularly impressed with the pre-school element of the Nursery. Jasmine has flourished in her reading and writing over the last eighteen months with Mrs Michele. The Letterland formula and the Oxford reading tree books have made reading and writing fun for both Jasmine and myself. Similarly, I have been able to raise any concerns with Mrs Michele who has always given me guidance or advice or just allayed the fears of a sometimes-neurotic mother! Thank you Mrs Michele. I really cannot think of a negative thing to say about the Nursery. The children are taught manners, respect for their elders, peers, and discipline all within a comfortable home from home setting. It is all basic old-fashioned principles, which are sorely lacking in the world today. Should there be a Jasmine mark III will definitely use High House again (be warned!) and I will always recommend it if asked.

    Thank you to all of you who have come across Jasmine at some point. Thank you all for your hard work and patience; it really has been greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes

    Alison, Great Dunmow

    Should you require Jasmine for the Christmas entertainment this year, please let me know, as I am sure she will be happy to oblige!

  • I currently have two children which attend High House, one in the Baby Unit and one in the Barn. I chose High House because I have been fortunate enough to experience the high level of care given by all the members of staff at the nursery, as some years ago my eldest child was enrolled there.

    Thankfully, I think that due to the family atmosphere at High House the nursery have been able to retain a wonderful team all of which I have found to be dedicated to the welfare of the children in their charge. They have many years experiences yet have been able to evolve and encompass all the changes in modern childcare whilst still providing a stable and caring environment.

    I have found that they are always approachable and are genuinely pleased to welcome the children each day. My children have been able to develop their confidence and learn new skills with the help and guidance of the staff in a positive way.

    Without their support I would not have been able to return to work and have peace of mind that my children are being well cared for.

    Zoe P

  • Dear Andrea and Vanessa

    When I first had to leave Euan at nursery, I hated every minute of it as I  couldn’t imagine anyone able to take care of my little boy the way I do. Now,6 months later, I am sure there isn’t a better place to leave Euan while  I am at work. The settings & facilities are great; the outside space is  fantastic and there is no shortage of suitable toys for all ages. Every day  I receive Euan’s little book filled with all important information and  description of all the fun filled and educational activities he has  experienced that day. Euan is developing very well and I can see the  positive effect going to nursery is having on him (like being able to  entertain himself, interact with other adults/children, learning to share,  not being “clingy” at all, etc.). About the staff at High House I cannot say enough positive things, they are  truly fantastic! I can see they have really developed a strong bond with  Euan and seem to really care about him. From all the written information I  receive about him I can tell they know him as well as I do. Especially Robyn(his key worker)and Jo, in the baby room, are fantastic!

    I couldn’t have asked for better people to look after my little boy.

    Kind regards Jill M

  • Dear Vanessa,

    I wanted to take the time to drop you a note, now that our baby girl, G**** has been at High House, in your baby unit, for a couple of months. My husband and I have been really impressed by the genuine care and interest the team in the baby unit have shown for our little girl (and the other babies under their care). B…. is G**** key worker and as a result we can comment most fully on her. We feel she has taken the time to quickly understand G***** and is also helping her learn and develop, within her comfort zone (this is particularly true with helping  with her food – she has moved from not wanting anything but her sandwiches from home, to now eating pretty much everything on offer!

    This has had a knock-on positive effect for eating at home too). We also appreciate that B (and other carers if she is not available) always take the time to speak to us when we call each day to find out how she is doing – this never seems like any trouble, even when we can hear how busy things are in the background! Finally, we wanted to say how impressed we are with the “Learning journey” book that has been created for G****. We absolutely love looking at this and we can see the time and effort that B……. puts into the book (even doing this in her own time, to make it special). We know that all the carers in the team, have played an important role in helping our daughter feel safe, secure and comfortable in the baby unit. If you feel it is appropriate, we would be happy for you to pass on these comments on.

    Best wishes M and S D*****