The Barn

The second building is a converted Barn, with rustic charm and a homely feel. It caters for children up until when they leave to enter the House. It has a super outdoor area which is an inspiring outdoor classroom. It develops all areas of the child’s learning and is home to a music wall, role-play area, painting easels, construction equipment and natural open ended resources to develop the imagination and creative expression.

Inside the building a fantastic ‘Reggio Room’ gives children the opportunities to explore the light box, natural materials and to use creative media such as clay on a daily basis. The second room is a large classroom, with space to enjoy a role-play area, book corner, writing area and resources such as an over-head projector to explore and understand concepts such light and shadows. The children eat in this room in a dedicated area for serving breakfast and dinners. The children have everything at child height to begin to help children to become independent.

Children need to have fun!

We aim to give the children the opportunity to enjoy every aspect of their time with us.

The children are  learning through their play, using  water, sand and other mediums. They absorb many different concepts, including both mathematical and linguistic. Simple skills, including pouring, lifting, handling, measuring, all develop from these very small beginnings.

The children will begin to lay the tables, cut their food, use a knife and fork, and practice the hand and eye coordination necessary for pouring their own drinks and cutting their own fruit.

Each group follows a structured day filled with interesting activities. Children will participate in story sessions,  number games ,  music,  with many art and creative sessions.

Children within this group have a Learning Journal that allows the teachers to share documentation between home and school. Photos, dialogue as well as developmental stages are documented and can be taken home and shared with the family. There is information written on a daily basis on the whiteboard so that parents can become involved and find out the concepts their child has been developing during the day.

We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful environment, the children interact with nature, and play with a wide variety of materials enjoying the outside area and Forest School as much as possible.